The fore-front of high street fashion

People today are extraordinarily focused on outward appearance. The public has always been attentive of what’s popular, follows submissively along, and is very eager to purchase the “must-have” fashion collection of the season. Fortunately, the availability of the internet allows people to see the latest and greatest fashion trend. Ultimately, the fashion style that works best for most people is that which has timeless designs, which looks good on a particular physique and reflects the individual’s personality. Yasmin Le Bon for Wallis is the perfect fit for these fashion requirements.

Wallis is one brand from Ireland which is a particular favorite of most fashion enthusiasts. This clothing company has been established for every woman and doesn’t discern any woman from looking great regardless of origin. Wallis’ success can be accredited to its sophisticated and most renowned designer – Yasmin Le Bon. Presenting so many hot styles and fashion trends can be quite time consuming if it weren’t for her ingenious way.

Yasmin Le Bon has been spotted in Wallis Clothes. It’s because she has the talent to provide classy, timeless, sensible, and sexy clothing styles that can be incorporated into one great design. The first Yasmin Le Bon collection for Wallis was launched last March 29, 2010. The YLB collection has taken inspiration from her favorite wardrobe clothing and draws upon her Persian roots giving emphasis to clean silhouettes and subtle detailing. It captures the essence of her love for vintage and iconic style which has resulted to a timeless sophisticated ‘one-off’ collection. Yasmin Le Bon has been involved with her spring/summer collection at every stage which evokes her signature style.

With a treasure trove of superb dresses, Yasmin Le Bon for Wallis offers floor-length maxi showpieces with a fusion of modern style. It includes long, lean silk gowns, pin-tucked high-neck blouses, pendant necklaces, jewel colors, and goat-hair capelets. There are a plethora of covetable pieces, from flowing dresses to structured trousers.

Yasmin Le Bon for Wallis collection is primarily designed for women of different body sizes, ages, and demographic regions. From suits to jeans, skirts to dresses, jewelries, anyone will surely get it from YLB spring/summer collection for Wallis. With a simple click of the mouse, people will not only get to see what is in fashion but they will get to find the hottest and timeless pieces of YLB collection. People wearing YLB for Wallis clothes can be sure to “WOW” a crowd.

The YLB collection is eye-catching and directional which comes together in an elegant manner. It is definitely the ultimate in feminine dressing and is the latest eagerly anticipated elegant fashion trend. It is breathtaking collection of timeless pieces which will remain in wardrobes for many seasons to come.

Yasmin Le Bon’s first collection has evidently put Wallis into the fore-front of high street fashion. Le Bon’s creations are just what Wallis need for the great British buyers to become reacquainted with the stylish nature of the high street brand. Yasmin Le Bon for Wallis has impressively created its vision – to create a “YLB timeless collection’.

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